vrAse is the biggest revolution your Smartphone has ever seen; a very special case, which enables you to use it like never imagined before.


Nowdays you cannot enjoy what you see

Today Smartphones have everything we need to enjoy movies and games in a portable way. The BIG issue is they have small screens to do so, and your hands are kept busy holding them. We have created vrAse to solve these two problems.

Making things better

The principle is very simple and super-powerful; put a pair of specially designed lenses in front of your Smartphone, and design a special case for both of them.

Having fun with vrAse

Now you can enjoy movies in a huge 3D-Perfect screen, play totally immersive games and experience the awesome possibilities of Augmented Reality… everything in a super compact, portable, affordable, hands free use and upgradable device. Forget TV, consoles and expensive gadgets that have wires and low resolution screens… with vrAse you can take your Smartphone to the next dimension, and have fun from day one!

How does it works?

Compared to other methods, vrAse creates the 3D image, by sending each eye its own information. Like this you get perfect 3D visuals and you can enjoy for hours without getting your eyes strained. Download any content which is “Side by Side” (SBS) ready to your smartphone and you are set. And like the Smartphone is a machine built for communications, you can also stream the contents and games from various devices, such as the PC, MAC and TV.


You can use vrAse with any smartphone via two options; using “perfect-fit” cases, for the six best seller Smartphones from last year, or if your phone is not in that list, you will be able to choose the universal adaptor, adaptable to any smartphone with screens from 3’5″ up to 6’3″. Please remember that vrAse is best experienced with smartphones that have screens ranging from 5″ up to 6″.

Enjoy movies with vrAse

Have you ever been immersed on a screen with the sensation that you are inside the movie? The SBS (side by side) technlogy creates a huge visual environment for you to feel as the main character.

Enjoy games with vrAse

vrAse put games where they are destined to be; your Smartphone. Mobiles phones today are very powerful and will continue to improve in the future; they will get better screens, processors, cameras, sensors, etc. You can download or stream any existing game available; the ones that are already made for 3D in Side by Side format (SBS) or convert any game to SBS using the driver of your choice.

Enjoy augmented reality with vrAse

Apply a new level of information to your ordinary life just by using vrase and your smartphone. Any tagged image or tagged environment lets you enter a bigger SBS reality for playing, traveling or learning.


Smartphones are incredibly powerful machines, but they are reaching some logical limits; screens are reaching the pixel saturation point (adding more pixels wouldn’t change anything to the quality as the eye could not recognize it) and the processing power is being limited by the interface the user has to deal with (their fingers). vrAse changes all of that, in a convenient and economical way. Now you can use an almost unlimited screen definition and processing power.


vrAse YouTube channel


Download all screenshots & photos as .zip (6MB)


There are far more images available for vrAse Corp., but these are the ones we felt would be most useful to you. If you have specific requests, please do contact us!

Logo & Icon

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Articles & Quotes

“vrAse Is A Wearable Smartphone Case That Makes Your Face A Virtual Reality Play-Zone”- Natasha Lomas, TechCrunch

“…it delivers a compelling 3D effect – as expected crosstalk and ghosting is absent and depth was very good”- Paul James, Road To VR

“vrAse virtual reality headset coming: Oculus Rift for your smartphone”- Luke Edwards, Yahoo!

“…for those who are looking for an entry-level VR experience, vrAse seems to have a lot to offer”- Colin Druce-McFadden, DVICE

“vrAse eyewear is revolutionizing the entertainment industry”- Bas Bastiaans,

“Interview with founder of vrAse, an exciting new virtual reality device”- Wade Smit, Punching Beta

“We’re all so excited, and really cannot wait to see what we can make using vrAse as our target platform!”- Mark Jawdoszak, Gaslight Games

“vrAse is a tremendous leap into the future. A 3D world wherever you are. When I put on vrAse, I was instantly sent to another galaxy. And the best thing is, that all you need is a smartphone. While others talking about how the future could look like, vrAse has just built it.”- Matthias Strobel, Nagual Sounds

“I personally tried vrAse at gamescom and the experience was truly amazing: this is a killer device for next-gen augmented reality games and apps. Can’t wait to implement their sdk in our first game”- Francesco Ferrazzino, Proxy42 Inc

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